Tom Hackett Big Fish



tom hackett sculpture      

big fish  + other net pieces

Big fish

Comprised 3000 square feet of hand made coloured  fabric nets knitted by the artist  using hand made tools and stretched over a scaffolding structure  to surround and engulfed the viewer. Various found objects were placed amongst the nets.

Commissioned and installed at Mappin Art Gallery and Aberdeen Art Gallery 1992. Co-curated by Mike Tooby and Kieran Monaghan 

On the beach 

Hand made netting and scaffolding installed on a field of shingle at Wrexham Arts Centre. Tilted glass house forms containing coloured liquid are situated amongst the nets. The work explores human domestic vulnerability against the wider elements.

Commissioned by Martin Barlow


A series of  urban interventions with hand knitted purple fabric nets, initiated as part of 'escape stories' an artists project by S.C.A.T. Network was installed in Dublin, Cambridge and Sheffield. The project was funded by Yorkshire Arts. The project interrogated the architectural power of urban buildings in relationship to a wider sense of societal control.   

'escape stories'was set up by and involved: Percy Peacock; Tom Hackett,;Penny Mcarthy and Alan Maclean. A splinter project was hosted at the Mappin Art Gallery by Michael Tooby.