Tom Hackett Approximately Englnd


tom Hackett sculpture                   

approximately england


17:07:13 – 18:07:13/ 18.07.13/TH

developed for the One hour transsensorial explorations of place and time APT research group event at Ferymynwoods Arts. Invited artists responded to a one hour time period

at a place of their choosing.

My departure point was to spend an hour rowing on a boating lake to generate a subsequent floor work of concrete poetry to examine notions of the construct  of England's green urban space.

Co curated by Graham Keddie and Ros Stoddart.


approximately England

approximately China

approximately Portland

never seen

a dog by any other name

neither oregon nor bill

long since dead

rowing nowhere and back again

be it river Styx or urban oasis

bereft of rapeseed stench

of the inconvenience twixt city and sea

six pounds an hour

each person

for temporal tranquillity