pulp Tom Hackett sculpture


tom hackett sculpture       

pulp - UH galleries

The viewer was presented with a mass of suspended medical drip bags connected by swooping arcs of clear capillary tubing to a central constructed series of timber chambers some 70ft long.

With its curved corrugated side the chamber occupies a utilitarian imagery somewhere in between that of a 1940’s air raid shelter and a contemporary pig shed. Each drip bag contains a pulped text or piece of theory nominated by an invited contributor. Viewers were able to walk up and down the chambers, which were lit only by small spots of exterior light, travelling through the plastic tube at entry point. The resultant image is of twinkling array of light spots, illuminating the otherwise dark interior of the chamber.

Experientially the viewer was taken from a bright airy gallery full of natural light into a dark and enclosed form, which is fed by the pulped theories of others.



Commissioned and installed at UH galleries. Curated by Mathew Shaul.